• The Timelessness of Handcrafted Wooden Watches

    The Timelessness of Handcrafted Wooden Watches


    The art of designing handcrafted wooden watches is one of great beauty, and no two watches are the same. People the world over have had a long fascination with wrist watches, and there are many different types on the market today. With the likes of Swiss, Quartz, Italian and Military style watches with their different types of metals that are manufactured using tons of fossil fuels and energy that harm our environment.


    When you buy hand-made wooden watches, you are being environmentally focused because the watches are all natural and provide timeless beauty to the wearer. The wood watches are sustainable and wear well with anything to give flexibility when making a fashion statement. The hand crafted wood watch will give a unique addition to any watch lovers accessory collection.


    The Unique Quality of Wood Watches


    When you wear a hand crafted wood watch you are making a very distinct statement about your fashion wearing choices. No two hand-made wooden watches are the same delivering unique beauty to each piece that will provide timeless charm.


    Nature Focused


    For those that love nature, wood watches will bring you closer to what you desire about nature, and give you a lightweight option to the otherwise bulky metal versions. Wood is naturally more weightless than metal, therefore, gives more mobility to the individual wearing it.


    Durability Counts


    Wood is more durable and sustainable than metal and gives back to the wearer when it comes to lasting durability. When you wear any of the available hand-made wooden watches, you will see timeless beauty as it mixes with your own oils and changes hues to develop even more individual uniqueness. 


    Ecologically Sound


    When handcrafted wooden watches are manufactured a tree needs to be used. What makes these wood watch manufacturers stand out from the otherwise environmentally unfriendly metal watch manufacturers is that they plant a tree for everyone they take, giving back to the environment, to help preserve natural beauty and sustainability.




    Wood watches are more skin friendly and are hypoallergenic. Even the most sensitive skin will love the less chemically induced wood against their skin and have a time piece that is unique and will become a conversation piece. The chemicals used while making metal watches and the inherent chemicals of them make them more problematic to skin.


    Handcrafted wooden watches are made by skilled hands to give you timeless durability and charm.  As your watch ages, it only becomes more unique and beautiful as it mingles with your skin oils giving you a more personal experience. The sensitive natural material of wood watches can be worn on any skin type and will last a lifetime.



  • Wooden Wrist Watch

    Nowadays, the biggest trend when it comes to wrist watches is the wood watch. There are already numbers of companies that are now offering wooden wrist watch online or in most retail stores as well. Many of these wood watches would look cool but there is also a need to be aware with the fact that there are numbers of imitators out there. Continue Reading

  • How To Care For Your Wood Watch

    Wood watches have in no way been more popular. Nowadays, fashionable ladies and men from Maine to Maui are wearing wood watches. There is lots of great company selling wood watches like Wilds Wood Watches.

    Customers frequently ask how I care for my new wood watch. The answers may be right news to anyone thinking about a way to wear a wood watch in a perfect condition.

    Wood watches do not need polishing, the good quality wood watches are already oiled multiple times to bring out their rich colors. The wood watch interacts with the oils of the skin whilst worn, making the wooden look even brighter and better, just wear a wooden watch and no sharpening is necessary. Over the years, your wood watch gets a wealthy natural color, really vivid, like a properly-polished piece of furnishings.

    Wood watches need to be worn frequently, some people assume a wooden watch is handiest for unique occasions and should not always be worn. However the truth is the greater you put on your wood watch, the better it’s going to appearance. The timber gets extra lovely with regular put on. No sprucing vital! Irrespective of how long you wear your wooden watch every day, it’ll be comfortable because the timber in opposition to your pores and skin will breathe and no longer overheat.

    Wooden watches are not water proof. Wooden watches ought to not be submerged beneath water because wooden is an organic material with a purpose to be affected if immersed in water. Please do not swim or bathe at the same time as wearing your wood watch. Some of the movements in wood watches are water proof, however the wood hyperlinks on the bands normally are not. The good quality wood watches are splash resistant, so you do now not need to worry in case you are carrying your watch in a sudden rain or when washing your fingers.

    Most wood watches have pleasant quartz battery movements. The battery needs to get replaced after 1-2 years of use, much like any quartz watch. Genuinely take the wood watch to any watch repair shop or jewelry store that replaces batteries. Do not try and change the battery yourself.

    Wilds wood watches Every piece of gear is installed by hand and have precisely tested by fully trained mechanics.

  • Why you will have to wear wooden watches?

    There are various different types of watches that men and women use to maintain track of time. Watches manufactured from steel or plastic are the traditional ones we ordinarily see out there. However, using normal wood to create gorgeous products, including watches, is the brand new trend nowadays. Not only it gives that it’s a fashion statement but additionally it has environmental advantages.

    Listed here are the reasons why you must give up your metallic/plastic watch and purchase wood watches:


    1. No two pieces of timber watches are precisely the same.

    Every wooden watch is different from all other wooden watches for the reason that each is handmade and handcrafted. Due to the texture of wood, it’s impossible to mass-produce them not like metal or plastic watches.

    1. Your wooden watch turns into extra stunning as both of you age.

    Wooden texture and colour evolves and enriches in time. Whenever you carry wooden watches, your skin traditional oils the watch step by step within its timber. Unlike metallic watches that wear down over time, wooden watches appear even better the longer you put on them. Certainly, it turns into extra wonderful with age.

    1. Timber watches are lightweight and durable.

    Wood is among the lightest and most long lasting substances on the planet. Accordingly, you are going to discover right away how much good feeling it is to wear compared to metal watches. Further, wooden watches would not expand or shrink in temperature and local weather within the same means that metal is. Being in damp climate stipulations, it will under no circumstances ever rust.

    1. Wood watches are eco-friendly and low-budget.

    Wood is an extraordinarily sustainable resource since it is renewable and grows naturally. It also requires much less power to produce products out of it, which offers it a low carbon footprint. Furthermore, wood shops would not produce carbon dioxide to the air by means of hand cutting wood watches, you’re serving to cast off these chemical substances from the atmosphere.


    1. Which you could put on picket watches with something.

    It doesn’t matter what you are carrying or where you’re going, wooden watches would continually look excellent on you.

  • Rosewood Watch is definitely the Perfect Gift

    It is always challenging to find that perfect gift for someone special.  There are a lot of things you need to consider, personality, things he likes and others.  Apart from that you also want to have your gift unique, special and elegant that will give them that notion that you put an extra effort in searching for that ideal gift.  In case you are looking for something they should wear, you will also need to consider the reliability, authenticity, and functionality to make sure they will feel extra special.  When choosing for a perfect gift, you will be amazed how Rosewood watch can be enjoyed by the people you love.


    Why Rosewood Watches are the Perfect Gift


    Nowadays, a lot of people who are searching for the perfect present are choosing accessories that are hand crafted from wood.  With its organic and natural element, the wooden watch exudes with beauty and strength that will surely be appreciated by the recipient.


    They Are Stylish


    6 years ago, when the wood watches are first introduced in the market, they are quite bulky.  They have the style that will not be desirable to anyone in this modern age.  They have a striking similarity to the appearance of a child watch.  But due to the advancement in this field, the style has dramatically changed to being stylish and sleek that makes it popular among the professionals.  They come in different shapes; circle, square, and classic rectangle.  The style from Wood Watches is definitely what separates them from the rest.  Their craftsmanship is unparalleled in this industry that allowed them to create discreet and thin wooden watch.  The face diameter can be compared to the high-end watches in the market.




    Rosewood Watch is crafted using a special wood which tells you a lot about its quality.  It has a dark and shiny color whenever it catches a glimpse of the light.  The most delicate type of Rosewood watches offered in the market right now comes with self-winding and automatic movements that will not require you to purchase any type of batteries.  Grain and the color pattern of this wood watch are diverse which makes it very special and unique.




    In the event that you are worried that wood watches have a less durability compared with the other types of watch, do not fret as Rosewood watch is very durable.  The longer you wear the product, the more it will achieve its great appearance because the patina gets smoother and shinier with the natural oil produced by your skin (as opposed to leather and rubber that acquire a very foul smell).  You never have to polish the wooden watches.


    Aside from the factors mentioned above, the manufacturer also utilize a lesser amount of energy when crafting it which means that it is very eco-friendly.  These are the reasons why Rosewood watches are the perfect gift for your loved ones.