• Wooden Wrist Watch

    Nowadays, the biggest trend when it comes to wrist watches is the wood watch. There are already numbers of companies that are now offering wooden wrist watch online or in most retail stores as well. Many of these wood watches would look cool but there is also a need to be aware with the fact that there are numbers of imitators out there. Continue Reading

  • Men Wood Watch

    It is a fact that men do love watches. What more if these watches are made unique, simple yet elegant? Well, this might lead for men to be addicted with collecting such kinds of watches. Good to know that Wilds Wood Watch could provide wide options of wood watches that are designed to suit the taste and preferences of most men almost all the world. Indeed, these wood watches for men will not just meet your style and quality but your budget as well. Choosing from high quality and wide options of wood watches for men could be exciting. Continue Reading

  • Luxury Wooden Watches

    When it comes to the selection of watches, there are plenty to choose from. Style itself has already plenty of offerings. We have the sport watches, dress watches, casual watches and many more style of watches.   This variety made choosing of what watch Continue Reading

  • Rosewood Watch is definitely the Perfect Gift

    It is always challenging to find that perfect gift for someone special.  There are a lot of things you need to consider, personality, things he likes and others.  Apart from that you also want to have your gift unique, special and elegant that will give them that notion that you put an extra effort in searching for that ideal gift.  In case you are looking for something they should wear, you will also need to consider the reliability, authenticity, and functionality to make sure they will feel extra special.  When choosing for a perfect gift, you will be amazed how Rosewood watch can be enjoyed by the people you love.


    Why Rosewood Watches are the Perfect Gift


    Nowadays, a lot of people who are searching for the perfect present are choosing accessories that are hand crafted from wood.  With its organic and natural element, the wooden watch exudes with beauty and strength that will surely be appreciated by the recipient.


    They Are Stylish


    6 years ago, when the wood watches are first introduced in the market, they are quite bulky.  They have the style that will not be desirable to anyone in this modern age.  They have a striking similarity to the appearance of a child watch.  But due to the advancement in this field, the style has dramatically changed to being stylish and sleek that makes it popular among the professionals.  They come in different shapes; circle, square, and classic rectangle.  The style from Wood Watches is definitely what separates them from the rest.  Their craftsmanship is unparalleled in this industry that allowed them to create discreet and thin wooden watch.  The face diameter can be compared to the high-end watches in the market.




    Rosewood Watch is crafted using a special wood which tells you a lot about its quality.  It has a dark and shiny color whenever it catches a glimpse of the light.  The most delicate type of Rosewood watches offered in the market right now comes with self-winding and automatic movements that will not require you to purchase any type of batteries.  Grain and the color pattern of this wood watch are diverse which makes it very special and unique.




    In the event that you are worried that wood watches have a less durability compared with the other types of watch, do not fret as Rosewood watch is very durable.  The longer you wear the product, the more it will achieve its great appearance because the patina gets smoother and shinier with the natural oil produced by your skin (as opposed to leather and rubber that acquire a very foul smell).  You never have to polish the wooden watches.


    Aside from the factors mentioned above, the manufacturer also utilize a lesser amount of energy when crafting it which means that it is very eco-friendly.  These are the reasons why Rosewood watches are the perfect gift for your loved ones.


  • The Benefits of Wearing Wood Watches

    There are many fashion accessories and pieces that are being made today out of wood. The fashion world has jumped on the wood bandwagon and has made sunglasses, purses, clocks, ties and wood watches out of the most durable and sustainable material on earth.


    Wood comes in varying shades, and different types are unique in what they offer to the fashion world. With each hue and grain type present in Rosewood, pine, maple, and Dark Sandalwood watches will give the wearer different shades and appearance to be able to mix up with different wardrobes.


    Dark Sandalwood watches and all the other types of wood watches are much more eco-friendly than the chemically infused metal watches on the market today. They are also more affordable to give the most avid watch collector more flexibility and choices to choose from.


    Eco-Friendly Option


    The wooden watches available today from Rosewood to Dark Sandalwood watch are made from the oldest natural source of nature that is sustainable. Every wooden watch is either handmade from wood that is reused from another source, or a tree is planted for the one that was taken.


    Black Wood Watches


    The black wood watch is in itself unique and delivers the same beauty and sustainability of other wood types. Their natural black color is unstained and not treated but is still skin friendly and breathable. The natural wonder of Dark Sandalwood watch will give lasting charm to the wearer.




    Wooden watches are naturally hypoallergenic and will not cause a reaction on even the most sensitive skin. Wood watches are also not manufactured but handmade, so the chemicals from industrial uses and the metals that tend to lend themselves to skin irritations are not a factor.


    Durability and Heat


    Wood watches are extremely durable and super lightweight to give the individual less resistance and more mobility around the wrist. Black wood watches and all other types of wood are heat resistant and not susceptible to the temperature changes as their metal counterparts. Metal tends to heat up quickly and be a less breathable option to the wooden watches of today that are less bulky and weight much less. 


    When wearing a wooden watch, one is bringing to the fashion world nature and all its timeless beauty and charm. Whether you choose a Dark Sandalwood watch or bamboo watch they will give the natural beauty of wooden watches that are handmade and give a unique experience to each individual wearing them.