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                               The Hidden Mystical Powers Of Wood

Just like fingerprints and snowflakes, each and every piece of wood is completely different with its own unique markings, characteristics and spiritual health benefits.  Build your perfect watch by choosing the right wood for your personality and spiritual needs.

Ebony Wood  - Drawing from the deeper levels of the mind, African ebony, or black wood, is smooth with a lustrous finish when polished, finely-textured with dark streaks and considered to be the most powerful of all magical woods.  It’s also the darkest of all woods, highly valuable and imbued with the mystical qualities of power, purity and protection towards the end user. 

Rosewood - Rosewood is highly effective in spiritual healing and matters of beauty with a primarily feminine energy and natural oils that make it truly shine.  Known for its compassionate and loving qualities, rosewood focuses on boosting intuition, spiritual and intuitive health enhancement and feminine grace.  Products made with this nourishing wood maintain its sweet fragrance and symbolize kindness and a good heart.

Kosso Wood - This handsome rich rose-red or deep dark-brown wood features a beautiful fine-grained appearance, mottled with dark purplish streaks that become subdued with age.  The tree itself has multiple medicinal uses, including cough suppression and fever reduction.

Zebra Wood - Aptly named after its contrasting light and dark-striped pattern, zebra wood is found in the West African Tropics and is well-known for its divination.  Despite being one of the few woods in the world not recommended for healing, zebra wood still has a wide-range of associations including the moon, luck, wisdom, creativity, beauty and even love. 

Ambila Wood - A flexible and lightweight wood known for its durability, ambila is cultivated from sustainable West African plantations and generally reserved for making high-end musical instruments.  Locally, this wood is believed to have metaphysical powers of defense, tolerance and healing.

Walnut Wood - Black walnut wood holds masculine and feminine energies with mystical powers of astral travel, teleportation, and inspiration and is a worldwide symbol of confidence and mental wisdom.   This wood is closely aligned with earthly and spirit elements and even has medicinal properties for preventing and treating disease. 

Cherry Wood - A feminine wood that draws off the element of earth, cherry is imbued with spiritual powers of achievement and overcoming stubborn obstacles and critics.  Long used for healing, romance and accessing keen insight, cherry wood is well grounded and symbolizes the pure energy of will and desire -- a wood that seeks harmonic companionship and keeps those in contact with it in the here and now by promoting rational intuitive action over emotional reactions.

Maple Wood - Maple wood is a peaceful wood best for those who love to explore the world.  Known as a traveler’s wood that seeks a strong, devoted and caring companion, maple holds spiritual qualities of creation, rebirth and abundance.  A tough and rebellious wood that’s full of originality and imagination, maple enhances intellectual pursuits and makes those who are always on the move feel more at home.


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