About Us

Our Story

At Wilds, we’re not just watch makers – in fact, we’re much more than that. We base our processes on the antique art of wooden watch design and exceptional craftsmanship deeply rooted in traditions. For us, nothing speaks to a man’s identity more than a classic, yet timeless, wooden wrist watch that he can use to showcase his identity.

When we founded Wilds, we wanted our watches to stand out and offer something different than traditional steel watches. Recognizing the tremendous divine benefits of wood, the warmth that wood evokes, and the unique character of every last piece of wood that we use to handcraft our unique watches, we felt that we could change the watch market and offer men something more personal to help them showcase their identity.

Show the world just how much you embrace natural wonders. The choice is yours, and we hope you’re ready to choose a Wilds watch!

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Our Values


At Wilds, we only use high-quality wood and mechanics to ensure that every last watch is delicately and meticulously prepared by hand and delivered to our customers in pristine, ready-to-wear condition with each and every order.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Our watch craftsmen train for more than three years before even stepping foot into our workshop, because we understand the value in understanding your materials, knowing how to work with them, and respecting the process before being able to play a role in it. We test each of our watches extensively for a three week period prior to selling them, to ensure that when our customers receive their Wilds watch, they know they made the right choice.

The Very Core of Natural, Sustainable Wood.

Wood is a divine symbol of purity, wood is warm, and wood is full of character. Show the world just how much you embrace natural wonders. The choice is yours, and we hope you’re ready to choose a Wilds watch!


Benefits to a Wooden Watch

Wilds wooden watches are handmade by highly-skilled craftsman, creating a more unique style with lightweight wood which radiates a faint but pleasing aroma from the natural musky scent of the wood.

Unlike metal watches, wooden watches complement body temperature, preventing sweat invasion and friction. This results in a more comfortable watch free of annoying skin irritations.

Wood is a divine symbol of purity, providing peace and blessings for a wonderful life. Wood also has a positive effect on the human body and plays a certain role in health care and safety.

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Faith lost in modern metal watches? Restore your faith with a reliable time-piece.

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