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Wilds is a dedicated designer of classic style wooden watches. Our aim is to provide each customer with a unique, high-quality natural wood watch sure to compliment and even enhance his style. In pursuing this goal, we have studied the antique art which we have integrated into our products for years. Our brand is bound by traditions and we are committed to maintaining a traditional approach in producing our time-pieces.

Unlike modern steel watches which are manufactured using molds, all of our products are handcrafted from 100% natural wood that is sustainably sourced. We use the highest quality cuts from furniture production to manufacture every watch by hand. Every Wilds craftsman is trained for more than three years before working in the workshop. Each wooden watch is tested for three weeks before we allow it to be sold. We guarantee our watches to be outstanding both in quality and popularity.

A wooden watch from Wilds reflects your outdoor lifestyle and develops your relationship with time! Compare us to the competition and you will also notice we are known for incredibly competitive pricing on men’s wooden watches. The choice is yours. We hope you’ll choose Wilds!

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Benefits to a Wooden Watch

Wilds wooden watches are handmade by highly-skilled craftsman, creating a more unique style with lightweight wood which radiates a faint but pleasing aroma from the natural musky scent of the wood.

Unlike metal watches, wooden watches complement body temperature, preventing sweat invasion and friction. This results in a more comfortable watch free of annoying skin irritations.

Wood is a divine symbol of purity, providing peace and blessings for a wonderful life. Wood also has a positive effect on the human body and plays a certain role in health care and safety.

Skin allergy every time you wear a watch? Try wood. Shop now.
Faith lost in modern metal watches? Restore your faith with a reliable time-piece.
Restoring ancient ways or can’t find the right watch to wear? Try Wilds brand!
In need of a surprising gift? Shop now!

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