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There are various different types of watches that men and women use to maintain track of time. Watches manufactured from steel or plastic are the traditional ones we ordinarily see out there. However, using normal wood to create gorgeous products, including watches, is the brand new trend nowadays. Not only it gives that it's a fashion statement but additionally it has environmental advantages.

Listed here are the reasons why you must give up your metallic/plastic watch and purchase wood watches:


  1. No two pieces of timber watches are precisely the same.

Every wooden watch is different from all other wooden watches for the reason that each is handmade and handcrafted. Due to the texture of wood, it's impossible to mass-produce them not like metal or plastic watches.

  1. Your wooden watch turns into extra stunning as both of you age.

Wooden texture and colour evolves and enriches in time. Whenever you carry wooden watches, your skin traditional oils the watch step by step within its timber. Unlike metallic watches that wear down over time, wooden watches appear even better the longer you put on them. Certainly, it turns into extra wonderful with age.

  1. Timber watches are lightweight and durable.

Wood is among the lightest and most long-lasting substances on the planet. Accordingly, you are going to discover right away how much good feeling it is to wear compared to metal watches. Further, wooden watches would not expand or shrink in temperature and local weather within the same means that metal is. Being in damp climate stipulations, it will under no circumstances ever rust.

  1. Wood watches are eco-friendly and low-budget.

Wood is an extraordinarily sustainable resource since it is renewable and grows naturally. It also requires much less power to produce products out of it, which offers it a low carbon footprint. Furthermore, wood shops would not produce carbon dioxide to the air by means of hand cutting wood watches, you're serving to cast off these chemical substances from the atmosphere.

  1. Which you could put on picket watches with something.

It doesn't matter what you are carrying or where you're going, wooden watches would continually look excellent on you.

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