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What is a wooden watch like? Could a wood watch ever compare to the traditional timepieces that haven’t changed much over the centuries? Do you need to be a hippy to be interested in wearing a wooden watch? Or, do you need to be a man?


Here’s the truth:

Wooden watches are even more stylish, trendier and more modern than other luxury watches, in most surveys of women.


After seeing a beautiful luxury wooden watch in person, and feeling the weight and quality of the time piece, most women are truly impressed. Honestly, seriously impressed. Now, most women want one of their own too! Women aged 20 to 39 to glean some feminine opinion on a fancy watch for men, and it does suggest that in fact, the rules are changing.


This is 2019: poised to be an even bigger year of the Instagram photo op, motivational business coaches and statement trainers. The laws of attraction are changing every day. Which begs the question: what do women really think of a man’s watch nowadays?


Minimalism is still the best way to clock up interest. Of all the watches the women were asked to rate, subtler pieces like wooden watches come out on top, respectively hitting 75% approval rates. Major reasons are the quality, lightweight and comfortability factors as to why women love wearing a man’s wood watch.


What is a wood watch made of? Sounds like a silly question, until you start realizing that the actual time telling mechanism certainly can’t be fashioned from wood. It’s true. The band, body and face surround of a wood watch are actually made of wood. Woods such as Ebony, Rosewood, Koa, Zebrawood, Maple and Bamboo are hand crafted to create a majority of a wood watch.


The actual mechanical movement of the watch is traditional metals, just like what you’re used to. And the colors and textures of the backgrounds of the face are absolutely stunning. They are a pop of color against the natural grain of the wood for a modern rustic contrast.


Wooden watches are also definitely statement pieces for women’s stylish outfits. A wooden watch is the perfect unique gift for men and women – when you’re searching for something a bit unexpected, yet a luxury item that the recipient will actually enjoy and love.


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