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Wooden accessories have become more refined in recent years, with accents appearing on everything from belts to eyewear. The crowning achievement, though, is the wooden watch band and face.

Wooden watches can often be a blocky, awkward look that resembles the kind of beach bum jewelry you’ve shed since your teen years. But some new offerings now rival the style and design of fine Swiss makers, which is even more impressive when you understand the limits of wood as a medium.

A well-made wooden watch also needs some help from other materials. Obviously, it’s hard to create the mechanics of movement without metal as well, so, no, you’re not wearing 100 percent wood on your wrist. But what wood lacks in flexibility it makes up for in visual appeal. Blending two grains creates contrast that will be a great addition to your look as the weather cools.

And it’s a resource-saving process. Some wood watch brands get their wood from furniture factories and the pieces are actually too small to make another piece of furniture. The pieces must be the perfect size for a fashionable look and essential tooling.

It’s not supposed to be a diving watch, but wood watches are designed to handle a bit of light water contact. Submerging the band in water could cause expansion in the wood and ruin the overall look and feel of a watch. For upkeep, simple cleaning and maintaining with a bit of oil keeps the sheen. Ironically, while wearing it on your wrist over time, it will absorb the natural oils from your body helping to keep the wood shiny.

How do you wear a wood watch and make it fashionable? Depending on the style and your choice of grain, a wooden watch can work with a suit or on a casual weekend with jeans. It works fine for meetings and weekend outings alike, though more natural finishes pair better with sturdier fall fabrics and clothing with more texture such as knits and corduroy.

Here are the 3 most consistent reasons why men love wooden watches to enhance their sense of style and fashion:

  1. Eco-Friendly & Cool

First, because many wooden watches are made out of recycled material, this makes them an eco-friendly product that is better for the environment and carbon negative. Men really enjoy the fact that wood watches are sustainable, but aren't conservative and plain wood. Most importantly, although wood is a current fashion trend, the adjective heard most often is that they are very "cool."

  1. Can Be Worn with Anything

Unlike a metal linked watch, which is normally worn when you dress up, or a plastic watch, that you wear outside or casually, a wood watch can be worn with just about anything or anywhere. Because of the design and the aesthetic appeal of the wood, no matter the setting or outfit, wooden watches still look fabulous. Whether you are out on the beach, casually headed to the bar, and even in a work environment or suit, you can pretty much wear a wooden watch everywhere and always look classy.

  1. Unique & Variety of Colors 

Men enjoy having multiple options including wood watch types and styles. Again, unlike metal, consumers have a wide-ranging choice of variety of colors and designs. Most wooden watch wearing men like to mix and match their watches with different outfits. Wooden watches allow you to display your personal, self-expressive style and are just naturally attractive.

These are the top 3 reasons why our wood watches are better and in high-demand with men who have a sense of fashion. What do you like most about our wood watches? Let us know your thoughts!

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