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Times are changing…


The watch industry is upgrading with the launch of seriously stylish watches that combine aesthetics, function with sustainability. Whether it be the use of wood (instead of leather) or possibly switching to eco-friendly batteries, the new breed of watchmaker is making the green, cruelty-free route more stylish and fashion-forward. They even go the extra mile by giving back to causes.


For the vast majority of consumers, most feel its time to switch to watches that will make daily task of time telling more ethical. Wooden watches are actually the most planet-pleasing watches that will ensure you are equally punctual and polished. Eco watches, such as wooden watches, not only protect the health of the planet, but also use the very latest green technology.

It was once the case that a true hippie never wore a watch, but times have been changing and more dramatically in recent years. The best watch masons and companies now fall over themselves to demonstrate commitment, not just to accurate time keeping, but to the health of the planet.

Watches are complex bits of kit, so we need to factor in the materials and the overall supply chain. There is scant information on most. So, congratulations to buyers who research what they purchase very well. There are only a few quality wooden watch brands working with responsible labor efforts using artisanal watch craftsmanship while considering the environment.

Wood watches are also considered to be “Eco-watches” because they either use a novel energy-saving way to move the hands or are made from innovative natural materials as opposed to metals and plastics.

Wooden watches are handmade from natural components for the bands and are an affordable luxury (prices start at around only $100 U.S. dollars). Apart from the glass and movement components and battery, wood watches provide the most environmentally friendly option typically made from recycled wood. Consider this interesting fact about a wooden watch; no two watches are the same!

In many cases, the wooden watches manufactured in Indonesia and China, will have a tree planted for every watch sold and made replacing the natural resources in the most effective way. To date, roughly 250,000 new trees have been planted to support the production of wooden watches.

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