Proper Maintenance of the Automatic Wood Watches

Finally, you have received your very first automatic wooden watch.  It looks just as amazing as how you saw it online and you plan to keep it that way.  Unfortunately, as time passes by and due to excessive amount of use, there are times wherein the quality and appearance of the mechanical wooden watches will be compromised.  In order for you to ensure that your wood watches will stand the test of time, we have given the essential tips on how to properly maintain your wood watch.


How to Take Care of Your Automatic Wood Watches


Do Not Polish


One of the things that affect the vibrant shine of the automatic wood watches is that the owner tends to use polishing materials believing that it will make the wood watches shinier.  With the mechanical wooden watches, you no longer have to use any special type of cloth.  You only have to wear it longer and allow the natural oil of your skin to rub normally on the wooden materials.  This will eventually polish the wood and make it look more beautiful.


Adjusting the Strap


With the easy-adjust strap of the automatic wood watches, you can simply adjust it, and it will fit any wrist regardless of the size.  You only need a simple screwdriver particularly the size that they utilized in fixing eye glasses.  Find the screw that is located on the wood links and unscrew it.  After that, easily remove the equal number of links to maintain the balance of the face.  After removing the links, you can link it back together in one place.  Ensure that you will keep the link in a safe place so you may use it again in case an accident happen that caused a broken link.


Exposing it to Water


The automatic wood watches crafted by Wood Watches have a certain level of protection against water.  However, we do not recommend you to overexpose the watch under the water.  You need to remember that wood is still an organic material and has a possibility to deteriorate in the event that it was submerged under the water.  In case you accidentally submerged the mechanical wooden watches, use a cotton towel and allow it to dry naturally.




When you are travelling, or you are taking it off, you have to store it in a proper container.  On the off chance that you are just storing it in your luggage during your travel, there is a high chance that it will receive scratches.  We recommend you to use the original storage container that Wood Watches provided when it first arrived.  Doing so can prevent any possible chipping or scratching.


Maintaining the elegance and quality of your automatic wooden watch is essential.  You should keenly follow the tips provided above to ensure that it will be working for a very long time.