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When watches entered the market place in the 18th century, they were seen as a status symbol. Over the years, watches became a part of everyday life and are one of the essential accessories that everyone needs. There are some watches that are still seen as status symbols.  However, most watches do not have this huge need to show a person’s status.


There are now thousands of designs made for watches. For most of today’s watches, the bands are metal, rubber, or leather. However, wood watches have become the biggest trend in watches in a long time. This is due to the America wood watches having designs that are mature, elegant, and beautiful for both men and women. Here are some of the other reasons that wood watches are a great trend.


New Life for Watches


With most people having mobile phones, the need to wear watches has been removed. Also, many watch designs started to feel out of touch with younger generations that create the fashion trends. While there were still watches on the market, it was not until the release of the wooden watch that watches became popular again. This is due to it being completely new, and the people who create trends loved the new take on watches.


Easy to Style


Wood watches took off so fast since they are able to go with different styles of clothing. In the past, both men and women owned a few different watches to match their clothing.  However, with fashion trends changing in a blink of an eye, buying watches and other accessories to match every outfit just stopped. A wooden watch is a style savvy piece since it goes with all styles and be worn at all types of events. It also acts as a stand out accessory, as wood watches are still new to the accessory world.


Wood watches and other wooden accessories have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. The uniqueness of each piece is what many people enjoy about the use of wood to create accessories. Along with each piece being unique, wood watches can be used in all types of weather. Unlike wooden accessories of the past, modern wood accessories are light weight. There is no worry about bugs being able to destroy them, as there are processing methods to keep the bugs away.


Wood watches come in a wide verity of designs, shades, and colors. The patterns that are in the wood will verity from wooden watch to wooden watch. There are also many types of wood that can be used to create wood watches. Many of the wood watches on the market are made from cast off wood that would have been disposed of, making them eco-friendly.


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