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Have you been struggling with finding that special something that’s capable of setting you apart from everything else? Have you had troubles finding a distinguished accessory that no one else has? If the answer to the question is yes, then you are most certainly not the only one. In the age of consumerism where people are obsessed of material goods, manufacturers thrive in flooding the market with faceless, soulless and characterless items. When it comes to men’s accessory, the watch has always been the most definitive feat in his kit of accessories. We are here to provide you with a different outlook with our wooden watches.


The Watch – Significant Piece


You would think in the age of technology, where everyone checks their cell phone for the time that a watch will have gone the way of the do-do bird as far as being a useful tool for any man to have. We beg to differ. Not only does this stylish accessory bring about its own sense of nostalgia and class, but it can be a useful survival tool. Many watches these days are more than just a simple time-telling device, some are equipped with a compass, emergency homing beacons, flight calculators, stop watch, fire starters, and more accessories. Even if you have a standard bare-bones analog watch, it can still be used as a compass by checking the shadow of a vertical stick at noon in order to find south.


Our Wilds Wood Watches


All of the above sound pretty great but the fact is that watches are no exception to the overcrowded market of general goods. That’s where we step into the picture. Our watches made of wood are completely game-changing. How many times have you seen someone wearing a watch made of wood? If we set aside how environmentally friendly our solutions are, which is definitely to be emphasized on, out watches, reveal tons of other benefits.


Right off the bat, we make sure to retain the quality of the mechanical components. The fact that we have absolutely stunning wristbands and cores made out of wood doesn’t mean that we do not provide mechanics of high-end quality. In fact, our wooden watches take advantage of some of the industry’s leading mechanisms.


So, without any further ado, check out our website and take a look at the wooden watches that we offer. You can take your pick from a great abundance of styles so that the watch can fit your own personal preferences.

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