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The art of designing handcrafted wooden watches is one of great beauty, and no two watches are the same. People the world over have had a long fascination with wrist watches, and there are many different types on the market today. With the likes of Swiss, Quartz, Italian and Military style watches with their different types of metals that are manufactured using tons of fossil fuels and energy that harm our environment.


When you buy hand-made wooden watches, you are being environmentally focused because the watches are all natural and provide timeless beauty to the wearer. The wood watches are sustainable and wear well with anything to give flexibility when making a fashion statement. The hand crafted wood watch will give a unique addition to any watch lovers accessory collection.


The Unique Quality of Wood Watches


When you wear a hand crafted wood watch you are making a very distinct statement about your fashion wearing choices. No two hand-made wooden watches are the same delivering unique beauty to each piece that will provide timeless charm.


Nature Focused


For those that love nature, wood watches will bring you closer to what you desire about nature, and give you a lightweight option to the otherwise bulky metal versions. Wood is naturally more weightless than metal, therefore, gives more mobility to the individual wearing it.


Durability Counts


Wood is more durable and sustainable than metal and gives back to the wearer when it comes to lasting durability. When you wear any of the available hand-made wooden watches, you will see timeless beauty as it mixes with your own oils and changes hues to develop even more individual uniqueness. 


Ecologically Sound


When handcrafted wooden watches are manufactured a tree needs to be used. What makes these wood watch manufacturers stand out from the otherwise environmentally unfriendly metal watch manufacturers is that they plant a tree for everyone they take, giving back to the environment, to help preserve natural beauty and sustainability.




Wood watches are more skin friendly and are hypoallergenic. Even the most sensitive skin will love the less chemically induced wood against their skin and have a time piece that is unique and will become a conversation piece. The chemicals used while making metal watches and the inherent chemicals of them make them more problematic to skin.


Handcrafted wooden watches are made by skilled hands to give you timeless durability and charm.  As your watch ages, it only becomes more unique and beautiful as it mingles with your skin oils giving you a more personal experience. The sensitive natural material of wood watches can be worn on any skin type and will last a lifetime.

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