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There are various companies who are offering natural wood watch nowadays. Before the popularity of the natural wooden watches, the consumers are limited with three types of bands; rubber, leather, and metal. During the first introduction of natural watch, one will immediately think that this is something that will appeal only to the people of the rock age. Other people are hesitating to use it due to the attributes that are similar to a kid’s watch. But there has been a huge development in the manufacturing of the natural wood watches; it is now more elegant and sophisticated. But before you buy your first watch made from natural wood, take a look at my advice.

Choosing Your First Natural Wood Watch

It should be Suitable for Your Taste

Natural wooden watches come in various styles and shapes. An average wood watch company will have at least 30 natural wood watches in their collection. In case that the company only offers around 5 variety, then there is a possibility that they do not have an expertise in designing natural watch, and they are only planning to ride in the latest trend. The different styles of this product enable you to find something that will be suitable for your taste and will reflect your personality.

Innovative Design

Refrain from choosing natural wood watch that has a bulky and protruding face. Most of them have a substandard movement and made from China that are low quality. Analyze the shape of the watch; it should be perfectly right for you. In case you are looking for a watch with a large dial then there are wood watch Companies that offers that. In case you are looking for a discreet and elegant watch, Wood Watches also have those designs. You may also choose from self-winding and automatic watches.


When shopping for a natural watch, you need to make sure that the retailers are confident about the product. In the event that you are opting for a secondary seller, this means that you have nothing to turn to when the time comes that you need to get your natural wood watch serviced. Secondary retailers do not have the resources to handle any repair, and they will also not offer you warranty.

Finally, you should also ensure that they have been long in this business. Sometimes the extent of time they are operating in this business translates to credibility and reliability. Doing business with a company who has been offering their natural wooden watches in this industry for quite some time can also ensure you that their warranty is in effect. You do not want to go to a company who has a shorter lifespan than your natural watch.

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